Larry Bush for Oklahoma House District 62

Why I’m running to serve you in the Oklahoma House

Education | The State Budget | Health Care | Criminal Justice Reform

Please "LIKE" us on Facebook, Thank you! Visit“I’m Larry Bush and I’m ready to serve you, the residents of District 62, in the Oklahoma House of Representatives the same way I’ve been serving you here at home as an insurance agent for over 10 years.

My line of work involves helping people in their time of need. My experience as a business owner and serving our community is a reflection of my love for God and a deep commitment to my friends, neighbors, and our state.

I know that I could be a very effective leader in the Oklahoma House of Representatives. Also, I am committed to open and effective communication with you, the constituents.

We need a proven leader with experience, who believes in teamwork that unites people.

I am ready, willing and able to be that leader for you, the residents of District 62. You deserve a voice in the Oklahoma House that reflects what you care about and what your concerns are. I am ready to be your voice. One of my primary commitments is to listen to you, learn your concerns and changes you want to see.”

Vote for Larry Bush on November 3.

Learn more about Larry’s issues of concern, based on conversations in District 62.


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Larry has a long history of community service, meeting and helping youth, seniors, the poor, and others who need our help.


While knocking doors I hear a yell, “Hold on, my son is one of your biggest fans.” I immediately recognize his son from one of the elementary schools I spoke at. I told him I was his biggest fan and cheering for his success. He told me that his is making A’s now. That is what I always challenge them with — try to make straight A’s. There’s still hope!